Arundo Website Redesign


UX/UI Designer
Atomic System Designer

Arundo is a heavy-assets data analytics company who came to us for a complete rebranding and redesign of their website. The objective was to design a user-friendly website that conveyed Arundo’s customer-centered approach and hands-on experience in various asset-intensive industries.

Design Problem
How do we help agents of heavy-asset industries (like oil/gas, maritime, utilities, equipment manufacturing, chemicals) understand Arundo’s value proposition? 

My Role
Design wireframes using UX principles and methods. 

Receive client and team feedback to iterate wireframes.

Work with visual designer to choose appropriate photos and design high-fidelity desktop and mobile UI.

Continuously iterate high-fidelity prototype based on client feedback.

Work on the UX and UI of every page except for the Results page and the Industry Overview page.

User + Stakeholder Insights
Fig. 1. Insights from interviews with the internal marketing team at Arundo.

I delved into the recorded interviews with Arundo executives and noted key objectives, problem spaces, and insights (Fig 1).

Major Insights

Above all, they want to convey their high standard, award-winning, “all-in”, customer-centered approach.

Arundo wants to be/appear proactive and consultative, rather than purely solution-oriented.

They’d like to target C-Suite folks who make enterprise-wide decisions.

Their current strategy is to onboard now, then provide solutions moving forward.
Research + Persona
We cross-analyzed our website audits (via Fullstory) with client objectives to identify their biggest would-be customers and created three key personas.

Based on our personas’ objectives and our client’s priorities, we created low-fidelity wireframes. We wanted to emphasize Arundo’s customer-centered approach.

We also created stylescapes to explore what Arundo’s rebrand and website elements might look like. We ultimately went for a more subdued and elegant approach, but view the stylescape I worked on here ︎

Research + Persona
Big Insights
Gathering feedback is vital to creating good UX but usability tests weren’t in the budget. I felt that we ought to ask people for input anyway because much of our design decisions were based on intuition, UX principles, and the opinions of people who didn’t have a heavy-asset industry/enterprise background.

I made my case to my design director, Ben Burns, and he agreed to let me test the screens on people I knew who had enterprise/engineering backgrounds. The participants made us realize that:

  1. The copy was too marketing-based and “fluffy.” Our copywriter used clever wordplay in an attempt to make Arundo easier to understand and inadvertently de-emphasized Arundo’s expertise and impaired our attempt to portray Arundo as data analysts with deep, hands-on expertise in heavy-asset industries. The lack of depth and specificity in the copy made people feel patronized to.

  2. Participants wanted more specific and tangible examples of Arundo’s benefits so we surfaced more case studies, testimonials, and stakeholder-specific perks. 

Create trust by placing bold, confident statements with numbers at the forefront and allow potential clients to navigate through the site to give them more to be intrigued about and get them emotionally invested.

Above all, they want to convey their high standard, award-winning, “all-in”, customer-centered approach.

Content Flow
We determined the order and type of content by the needs of our stakeholders on various pages.

For example, people may not be sure if they’d need a customized or off-the-shelf solution; therefore, the ‘Custom Solutions’ pages would address questions around choosing a customized or ready-made solution, implementation and potential benefits of these solutions, and how other companies had benefited from Arundo’s customized solutions.

Those seeking a ready-made solution would want to know its benefits, features, and functions in addition to a case study. They might also want to see UI to guage the ease and efficacy of its use.