Unseen Immersions

VR & UE4

Users will find themselves in a dark expanse underneath a starlit sky, surrounded by floating drums and spawning discs. As users bang on these drums, the spawning discs generate everyday sounds in the form of glowing, tessellated shapes. Users interact with these shapes by hitting them and create new connections and sensations in the process. 

My Role

Worked with team to conceptualize, prototype, and test Unseen Immersions.

Featured on ArtCenter website and Interaction Design Departmental website.

Unreal Engine 4, Leap Motion, OSC Visualizer, HTC Vive, Solidworks

6-Week Team Project

Kyuta Sato, Nish Gupta, Sean Wang

Ideating How it Looks

We were inspired by James Turrell’s work with light, space, and sound and ideated ways to depict sound with light and color. We also experimented with different technologies, including Leap Motion and OSC Sound Visualizer, but  ultimately decided that they were unnecessary.


We user-tested and iterated our prototype every week, and discovered that people preferred open spaces because they were less likely to encounter those in real life. The lack of clear objective led them to create their own games, which we found intriguing.  

What We’ve Learned

We presented in front of XR experts and faculty and received positive feedback about the visuals and overall experience.

However, they felt that the final product didn’t really reflect our concept, which we agreed with. One reason was that we were only able to incorporate two sounds because of our time constraints and they sounded too similar to each other. The other reason was that we muddied our concept by adding elements that were purely visual. 

Our next step is stripping our design to its essentials—sound and space, and starting over from there.