I design scalable digital experiences by leveraging users’ perspectives with business goals and believe creating great experiences begin with opening one’s mind, deeply listening to users and stakeholders, and understanding the problem space. Let’s chat about what you need. 

Help People Find What They Want

Fair Technologies

Project Type
UX Research, UI & UX Design

How can we better help users find the car that that they want and improve engagement, satisfaction, and conversion rates in the process?

I redesigned Fair’s search experience after discovering that users had difficulties with its various aspects. That a quick and easy car-getting experience was one of Fair’s value props and that a significant rate of users stopped using Fair during this part of their user journey led me to believe that this was an area where I could make high impact.

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Help People Understand A Business’ Value

Blind Strategy Design Consultancy

Project Type

Atomic, UI & UX Design

How can we help agents of heavy-asset industries (oil, power, maritime, chemicals, etc.) understand Arundo’s value proposition?

Arundo is a heavy-assets data analytics company who came to Blind for a complete rebranding and redesign of their website. The objective was to design a user-friendly website that conveyed Arundo’s customer-centered approach and hands-on experience in various asset-intensive industries.

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Disrupt Education with Emerging Technologies

Sponsored by HP
Project Type

Interactive Product Ecosystem

How might we design the future of computing for Gen Z?

HP tasked my team, comprised of Sam Giambalvo, Charlie Hodges, Ryan Van Roy, and myself, with exploring the future of computing. We discovered high-impact problem spaces that HP could tackle (education and sustainability) by leveraging emerging technologies with HP’s existing resources and social and technological initiatives.

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Create A Space for Exploration

ArtCenter Project
Project Type

Virtual Reality

How might we create a space for free play and exploration?

Users will find themselves in a dark expanse underneath a starlit sky, surrounded by floating drums and spawning discs. As users bang on these drums, the spawning discs generate everyday sounds in the form of glowing, tessellated shapes. Users interact with these shapes by hitting them and create new connections and sensations in the process.

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